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  2. There’s Nothing Like a Pepper

    To Whom it may Concern,

    I know you probably get this all the time, but I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your product.  I wish I could go back to the day when I first tasted Dr. Pepper, I wish I could somehow relive this monumental event in my life.  It was almost like a bar mitzvah, quinceañera, sweet sixteen, some sort of coming of age ceremony that will change your life or life as you know it.  I didn’t realize at that moment, but my life was indeed changing; from the moment those 23 flavors mixed together in one glorious drink touched my lips, I knew.  I knew that this was the start of something new.

    My life story is a little bit of confusion, and probably not too interesting to you, so I’ll condense it and get straight to the point.  I am originally American; born in Hershey, Pennsylvania, but when I was just one my family moved to Bray, Ireland, a little town just an hour south of the capital, Dublin.  For ten years we lived in Ireland and it wasn’t until, maybe age 8 or 9 that I had Dr. Pepper.  I can’t fathom why, but the Dr. Pepper craze didn’t exactly catch over there.  I was first exposed to the delicious product when my mom’s best friend, originally American living in Ireland as well, returned from a trip back to the States.  She came loaded with this soda I’d never had before, let alone heard of.  I remember my dad’s reaction to the contraband; he was pumped!  Dr. Pepper was a drink from his past that he had gotten used to living without because of the lack of availability. 

    Around the age I was then, kids are extremely impressionable.  Older brothers, sisters, babysitters, etc become role models, people to emanate.  For me, that was my dad.  I wanted to be just like him, I wanted to like everything he liked, be able to do everything he did.  When I saw him drinking Dr. Pepper, naturally, I decided to drink Dr. Pepper.  From then on, it’s always been something we’ve shared.  My mom, brother and sister don’t find enjoyment in the product like we do; it’s been our little secret, except obviously not a secret since I am writing this letter.

    Seven years ago my family moved back to the States and my interest in the product has only grown.  More supply, more demand.  The more Dr. Pepper I saw, the more I wanted it; and the more I refused to take Dr. Pepper for granted.  I knew what it was like to go without so I thoroughly enjoy every drop that I am fortunate enough to drink.  Every other drink is grayscaled when placed on a shelf next to that shiny red signature jacket of a Dr. Pepper. 

    Right now I am in my second year of college at Temple University, my two friends and I just signed a lease on our own apartment.  We have the whole shebang, a kitchen, living room, dining room, etc.  The only real change from last year, besides the liberation from college residence halls, is the fact that we make our own meals every night instead of frequenting the dining hall a couple times a day.  Because of this, right before I left for school my dad went to the grocery store in order to help me stock my refrigerator. Along with many staples; flour, sugar, fruit, chocolate chips, chicken, tortillas, etc, I found inside the cooler…Dr. Pepper. 

    Dr. Pepper will forever and always be my soda of choice.  Sure it’s turned into quite an obsession or maybe an addiction, but I can think of so many other addictions that aren’t quite as healthy as mine.  Some people may be embarrassed to share their obsessions with the world (dolls, magic cards, Coca Cola) but I’ll never be ashamed to admit that  I LOVE DR. PEPPER.  So, to the creators of this fine product, thank you, I am your biggest fan.

    Sincerely, Hannah S. Witwer

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  3. Deep Thoughts: Untitled

    One person can be so many different people in an infinite number of situations and settings that depend on what kind of people are present in the setting or the mood/feel of the situation and the way that person feels about themselves on that particular day, maybe they’re tired and therefore subdued, or maybe they’re geared up on dr. pepper and ready for a party, it also depends on who else is present in that said situation or setting, every person is more comfortable with their wing girl or man, they feel confident and therefore more outgoing compared to if they arrive at a party all alone, not really knowing anybody..then they’re going to feel out of place and shy, so who are they really, nobody will ever know because there are so many variables that change the way people act and depending on which variables are present in this hypothetical situation we are referring to can effect the way people are perceived by others, hindering the ability of strangers and friends alike to figure out exactly who this hypothetical person we are speaking about truly is.

    Identity, seriously, is unidentifiable.  

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  4. Deep Thoughts: A Dog’s Reality

    How old are dogs really? I get the question all the time ‘how old is your dog?’ and it might just be one of the toughest questions to answer.  Do I say 7 or do I say 49? Do I ask for clarification, dog or human years? Or do I get philosophical and question whether such thing as ‘dog years’ is even necessary. Regardless of how we’re supposed to answer the question, we should really be questioning why we have to answer it.  Why would anyone in their right mind invent a whole other scale of life, another way of counting and keeping track of moments lived, days experienced and years accomplished?  Well, readers, there is no way to explain why dog years were created but the redhotpatriot has uncovered the mystery behind why dogs age faster than humans.

    So, let’s examine the lives of the average human being, a.k.a the life of the redhotpatriot on July 27, 2010.  Wake up at 6:45, ideally it would have been 6, but sleep is precious in the rhp’s house.  Scramble to get ready for work, find khakis, black polo, box cutter, the usual.  Make it out the door by 7:15 and to the wonderful world of chocolate by 7:25.  The day continues, 8 hours are spent at work and upon returning home at 4:15, she runs over to her bestie’s house to feed casey and macy (though starving macy would only work to her benefit) and bring in the mail, because the rhp is a good friend. 

    Meanwhile, let’s examine the life of Bella, rhp’s wonderfully idiotic dog.  While the rhp is getting ready for work, Bella may open one eye to see what all the movement is about, but not for long, sleep is calling.  So she goes back to sleep.  Who knows what that dog is up to during the day, but one can only guess.  A little snack here or there, a few cat naps, lazing around the house, trying to decide which carpet is the softest, which couch is the bounciest, which tile is the coolest.  She lets out a few happy squeals when the rhp comes home but doesn’t let that deter her from her busy schedule.  She gets right back to that nap when the excitement blows over. 

    Readers, I’m sure you’ve all heard the phrase ‘time is relative’, and in this case, that one three word phrase has never been more applicable.  We’ve all had those days where we don’t have anywhere to be or anything to do, those days tend to drag on and on and on and on and on.  Well, welcome to a dog’s world.  To a dog, a day feels like a week, hence the ‘dogs age seven times faster than humans’.  We’re busy creatures by nature, dogs are lethargic by nature, time goes by more slowly for them and more quickly for us.  We have company, great food, weather to enjoy, entertainment, simple pleasures; all a dog has are bones, squeaky toys and the anticipation of your return.  While we wish we had more time, maybe dogs wish they had less.

    So rather than being jealous that your dog is still sound asleep while you’re dragging yourself out of bed and pouring that third cup of coffee, be grateful that in one day you live only 24 hours instead of 168.  Readers, live it up.

    xoxo redhotpatriot  

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  5. Spotted: Marshall Mathers

    Readers, the redhotpatriot must be a magnet for celebs.  Seems like everywhere I go I see somebody or something famous.  Coincidence? I think not.  This time, the redhotpatriot was in Ocean City, New Jersey.  Some may call it the armpit of America, but if Marshall Mathers, aka Eminem, and the redhotpatriot were both tearing up the surf in this New Jersey town, I’d say NJ has a lot more going for it then the rest of the country lets on. 

    It was a sweet sight, early in the morning a man was spotted jogging down the boardwalk pushing a stroller, presumably, holding his very own daughter.  From behind the redhotpatriot was approaching the man on her stylish beach bike, you know, the ones with the huge seats and high handlebars.  The redhotpatriot saw an excellently toned back decorated with tats and the alarms went off.  This man looked like an old friend, could it be the very man she was thinking of?  Cycling a little faster, the redhotpatriot got a better view from the side and, wouldn’t you know it, it was Eminem!!

    Very in tune with his fitness, Mr. Mathers was taking advantage of the four mile long boardwalk to relax, tone his body, and bond with his daughter.   Hailey was resting peacefully in the buggy, the cool morning air blowing through her hair, rocked to sleep by the steady beat of her father’s feet on the boards.  All in all, it was a perfect picture of happiness that the redhotpatriot didn’t want to upset.  So, without a word, the redhotpatriot drove by unnoticed.  

    xoxo redhotpatriot 

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  6. The Power of Numbers: 22

    Readers, the numbers one, two, three, four may mean nothing to you other than fingers on your hand, toes on your foot, pimples on  your face, burgers in your stomach, etc, but to the redhotpatriot numbers hold a certain power.  

    For example, the number 22 is a number that a lot of good comes out of.  You’ve all heard of the old saying ‘first is the worst, second is the best’, well, 22 is a double number and that double number is a 2, which automatically makes it the best.  

    Further proof that 22 is a great number is the fact that Marshall Mathers III, better known by his alias, Eminem, released his newest album, a great album at that, on June 22nd.  

    And more, the wolfpack will be moving into k620 on August 22nd. nuff said, right?

    but i can keep going.  two plus two is four, obviously.  four times two is eight, right?  twenty two minus eight is fourteen.  September 14th is when Brandon Flowers releases his solo album, Flamingo.  

    The number 22 is power, rhp loves the number 22. 

    xoxo redhotpatriot

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  7. the initiation of a new member into the wolf pack

    i present to you, sister wolf

    xoxo redhotpatriot

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  8. The Queen’s Tribute, Part 2

    and the queen continues to inspire…

    May 27: I never expect to lose.  Even when I’m the underdog, I still prepare a victory speech.

    May 28: How you train is how you tackle life.  Don’t avoid discomfort; deal with it head-on to get stronger.  Learn how to workout with passion and that fire will carry over into everything you do.

    May 30: Never give up.  If you make a mistake, you can always correct it and try again.

    May 31: Don’t do everything you don’t want to do.  I do everything I want 150%.  Give it your full potential. -Chris Pronger, Philadelphia Flyers

    June 2: The hardest part in life is to know which bridge to cross and which to burn

    June 3: None of us get a how to guide. We’re all just winging it.

    June 4: Over a long season, talent eventually prevails. -Charlie Manuel

    June 5: Happy hour isn’t a time of day, rather a state of mind.

    June 6: You never really leave a place you love.

    June 7: Theres no need for rain, it’s our own parade.

    June 8: Pack and deliver like UPS trucks.

    June 9: My best friends are the ones who bring out the best in me.

    June 10: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

    June 11: All our dreams come true, if you have the courage to pursue them.

    June 13: Success is not how much we have but rather who we are.

    June 14: Oh I love hugging, I wish I was an octopus so I could hug all the wolves at the same time.

    June 21: A teacher is a person who never says anything once.

    xoxo redhotpatriot via the Queen

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  9. miss these wolves
xoxo redhotpatriot

    miss these wolves

    xoxo redhotpatriot

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  10. Tribute: Michael G.

    What up readers, the redhotpatriot is in mourning tonight, June 24th, for the obvious reason that her beloved Michael G. of Wakey!Wakey! is preforming in the city of Brotherly Love while she sits at home in Hershey, unable to experience the raw musical and vocal talent of her man.  

    Readers, i’m sure you’ve never heard of Wakey!Wakey! unless you’ve come in direct contact with RHP in the last few months, and if you have, i’m sure we shall become fast friends, but Wakey!Wakey! is an inspiring and emotionally moving band, singer/songwriter Michael G. captures the emotions of his listeners and puts those feelings to music.  A truly interactive lot they are.  Pain and joy, animosity and love, loneliness and friendship are all blended into one glorious harmony to compliment the passionate and resonating voice of Michael G. 

    Not often does the New York based band tour in areas around here, but, surprisingly enough, the great city of Philadelphia popped up on the list of cities-to-be-hit. June 24th was the day, 8 o’clock was the time.  RHP didn’t see a big deal in this, along with her cohorts she lie on her bed playing fantasy world about the time she would walk through those doors of the North Star Restaurant and lay eyes on the one and only Michael G. A dream come true? Surely. 

    But as the summer routine set in, even a requested day off of work could not allow for the RHP to roll off to Philadelphia for the experience of a lifetime. But for this to hinder the inspiration Michael G pours into the RHP’s life there would have to be some catastrophic event occur, not even a tornado touch down in Palmyra could touch the influence Michael G has over RHP.  A quiet night with the voice of Michael G soothing the soul will produce great things, readers, you’ll see. 

    So if you would choose to let the RHP cross your mind tonight, remember inspiration does not have to come out of an experience, inspiration can be born through the feeling of longing and desire to be somewhere, something or someone that may not be your reality.Inspiration comes from dreams and fantasies, inspiration comes from ideas and imaginations, inspiration comes from artists like Michael G.

    and look him up, your perception of life will change.

    xoxo redhotpatriot

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